Thursday, September 25, 2014

The motor cross

Yesterday at the motocross it was very wet and soggy o lots of motor bikes got stuck and fall off.

At half time I had to scrap all of the dirt of the motorbike and
fill it up and chong the tires and get it ready.

On the last race I had to poll someone out of the mud and owns they
had finished we loaded the motorbike on to the trailer and get all of the Ger and we went home and had a shower and had diner.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The beach

One day at the beach  on a very hot summers day me and my brothers were playing on the beach on my motor bikes. My brothers said  
we could go fishing at the point. So we went to the beach haws  and got away fishing gear and loaded it up on to the motor bikes. We went and filled up and he did of down the beach  5 minutes later we were at the point we got of aw motorbike and  crusted aw rods into the water while my brothers went diving. About 10 minutes later my brothers came back to chore
and they had 5 power and 3 crayfish. I wended my rod in and I had 7 fish.
Me and my brothers loaded aw stuff on to the motorbike and he did back to the beach howls and 4 minutes later we were back at the beach heals. We unpacked aw stuff and went and got some more petrill and went and played on the sand.


Tuesday, July 01, 2014


On wednesday in cooking I made pikelets and I could've improved on sharing and not fighting.
On thursday I made scones and we worked pretty good on sharing and not fighting. After  wids we  made sand carsils nasis came 1 and  I came  2.
I think I werkt pretty good on the second coking test. The scons weren’t really a success because the oven wasn’t working  properly and miss Hill put them into the oven for twenty minutes and the recipe said put them on for ten.   

When we finished them we had to talk about how we thought we had worked together.  I was working with  Quinn and someone else and then I  worked with JT and  jakibe.  

Friday, June 13, 2014

The hunting trip

photo (3).JPG
Firstly my stories is about  the  hunting trip cos isia asked mark if he would like to go hunting. So mark said yes and then mark said we will get up tomorrow morning and have a big brekfis and then get ready to go
hunting so go to bed isia  said ok. So the next morning they woke up
and had their big break tfis and then got the ute ready and said goodbye and then heded off down the street. Nik and becks were waving good by. one awer later they got in to the boch  and then they got there gere out of the car and then took off down into the boch and wharf and awer  later mark rung home and said we should  do this all as a family  
how will read this book.    

Secondly  when isia and mark got  into the woods they saw a stag and a bore isia said I will go for the bore and you can go for the stag.  Isia and mark pot the boar and stag on the back and then went back to the ute and pot the stag and the bore and went up the road.

Thirdly On the way home mark and asia were spotting red cars and playing road kill  and finally they got home and nik mum and beks help get the stag and the bore.

This book would be good for children that are six and over that like hunting.  

Thursday, May 08, 2014

my dog

In one and a half  weeks I am getting a British Bulldog. It is also a cute puppy it is white and also light brown. We are going to get it from Waipuk It is going to be called Coco and we are going to get it a puffer jacket. It is my dads dog. British Bulldogs are a good family dogs for around kids cos they  protect  them no matter what. When they get bigger they look like big fat pigs. I like british Bulldogs cos  they are strong ,big and bofey and they are wrinkled.  British Bulldogs are good guard dogs cos the are strong and cos they are big and wide.  They need more looking after than any other dog.
They need to be looked after every day and  have to be a inside dog because they are a very expensive dogs and people steal them
because they are  cos they can sell them for lots of money. I like british bulldogs  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I like kickboxing because it keeps you fit and to be able to protect your self. If you  keep training you will get stronger and maybe some day you might become a world champion kickboxer. I  am going to keep training so one day I might be a champion kickboxer.  When you go into a fight, you have to breathe.  

When you punch and kick, you have to go in towards them not back away and when you are tired you feel like you can't go on but when they come at you you have to kick them to keep them away from you.  I have not had a fight yet so I am a bit nervous about my fight. I do not who I am fight but I have to fit anyone who is there that is the same weight as me and the same age.
I can't wait to go and have my fit and try my hardest to win and to do my best to  defend  myself. I think kickboxing is a cool sport for kids it teaches you to protect their self, keeps you safe  and to keep them strong. I like it cos they teach you lots of new things and activity
I like kickboxing.